The Leuven age set ritual repertoire
Intangible cultural heritage Flanders
Inscribed on UNESCO'S representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

updated : 26 juni 2012.

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The association of age sets, what it is.

The association of age sets is top level management organization which is build with people out of active age sets (40 to 50 years old) and non-active age sets (51 and up). This structure has been activated some 50 years ago. The intentions to reach are :

  • Centralizing the contacts needed with the city of Leuven. These are needed because a lot of activities require the needed security aspects like blocking streets for the parade, police support, budgeting, .. etc.
  • Keeping contacts with sponsors.
  • Trying to coordinate all activities organized by the different age sets and guard that not two events will be organized on the same day.
  • Executing overall activities to let people know more about the age sets. This includes creating books, website, promotional flyers, ... ect.
  • Coordinate the different Marrainen (Godmothers) of the different age sets certainly for the yearly social event called " Kinderdag Arthur Dewit". On this day, somewhere in September, about 450 disabled or mentally disabled children will be invited to have a tremendous day on Leuven fair. On that day the age sets will accompany them and with the help of the owners of the fair, they may enter freely all attractions. As a bonus all children receive a surprise present. Even the institutes receive a bonus in hard cash.
  • A list of yearly activities :

  • New years reception.
  • A yearly cultural event
  • A Marrainen TD
  • A yearly one day trip organized by the association of age sets.
  • The celebration of the age set getting 50 in the city park.
  • The yearly parade of age sets through the streets of Leuven.
  • Xmas market.